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Redefine Human-AI Interaction

We believe data and AI can help individuals and organizations make better and faster decisions, increase our efficiency as human and encourage healthier lifestyles.

We particularly focus on creating innovative products using Machine Learning directly on small devices (smartphones, IoT, microcontrollers).


Our Mission

In 2005, the PAL/CSS Freestyle Chess Tournament's winners were two amateurs, Steven Cramton and Zackary Stephen, accompanied by three simple laptops. They could beat Hydra, a supercomputer, so far undefeated, created especially for playing chess. They didn't win simply because they were 'augmented' by the machines, they won because they optimized an entirely new process governing the interactions between humans and computers.

The state of AI is still in its infancy and today, it is estimated that 87% of the data science projects fail to go to production despite high expectations. There is a fundamental issue in the way we use AI today. We believe this is due to how it is implemented, without rethinking existing processes unlike Cramton and Stephen did in 2005.

Each technological step has the potential to affect dramatically our societies. And the pace of change in AI is extremely fast. At zeteoh, our mission is to constantly redefine the human-AI interaction to unleash the power of this technology.


Yann Le Guilly

CEO & Co-founder

Satomi Osanai

COO & Co-founder