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I'm launching an AI project, but I don't know what to do ... What can I do if I use AI for my business? Zeteoh ​​answers such a question.

Why 87% of AI projects aren't realized

  • Insufficient data provided
  • Poor quality data
  • Privacy issues

Appropriate data management is essential for the development of AI products. High-quality AI products are born from high-quality data. However, although data is an 'asset' in many companies and organizations, it is difficult to utilize the data and enjoy profits from it because it is not properly managed. zeteoh ​​provides consulting services such as AI product development and AI utilization methods based on the abundant expertise and experience of data scientists.

* The Machine:Why do 87% of data science projects never make it into production? 

Consulting example

AI project strategy

Privacy regulations / cyber attacks

Proposal of use cases (IoT / deep learning / analysis)

Proper data management

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