Save development costs for your
Move to Earn app

We help M2E businesses reducing their development and operation costs with our solution zeteohRISE.


Developing and operating an M2E app is complex and involves physical activitiy detection, privacy concerns and strong anti-cheating solutions.

This can represent more than half of your development costs.



Cheaters are a threat for your business. And developing anti-cheat solutions requires a very specific expertise and a lot of resources.



Geolocation solutions like the GPS to track users' physical activities are easy to implement but bring a lot of privacy and regulatory concerns.



Geolocation solutions consume a lot of battery and forces a lot of your users' to exercise with their smartphone and an additional battery.



We support your business and enable you to strive in the M2E market.

Advanced Anti-Cheats

We use our expertise and Ai models to prevent and detect cheaters.

Privacy by design

We enable you to detect physical activities without the GPS. This means no privacy issues anymore and a better user experience for your app.

More activities

Add more activities to your app to reach more users in the world.


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