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November, 2020

zeteoh part of the Data Science Bootcamp at Le Wagon Tokyo.

Le wagon Tokyo is a worldwide coding Bootcamp that gives students the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career. Yann was responsible for a part of the Data Science Curriculum as an instructor.

About zeteoh Inc.

We build Data Products to solve daily life problems. Our technology focuses on deploying Machine Learning algorithms on low-power devices (AIoT and TinyML) at scale. We also provide R&D and consulting services to our customers.

co-founder / CEO: Yann Le Guilly
1-28-2 Shoto Shibuya Tokyo

About our products

zeteoh PLAY

Our SDK detects the user's daily physical activity (walking, running, climbing stairs, cycling) on the smartphone. You can use it to propose various challenges to players. It reduces churn and increases engagement.

zeteoh RISE

SDK specialized in developing new insurance products. It detects not only walking but also physical activities such as climbing/down stairs, running, and cycling using only smartphones. By encouraging their customers' health, insurers can decrease the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCD).


zeteoh Inc.